Terms and Conditions

kitchenpickes.com is the trading name of NDZ PTE LTD., Singapore.

At kitchenpickes.com, the Terms and Conditions are sometimes called "The Terms" or "Terms of Use". The Buyers/Guests/Users have to affirm on the subsequent advice after reading completely, else it is recommended to discontinue using the website.

The site kitchenpickes.com does not support users under 18 years to utilize it. In case if children are involved, they are instructed to take parental guidance or any other adult's supervision to use the site. So, one should herewith declare that if anything unlawful happens, only the child and his/her supervisor will be accountable.

kitchenpickes.com Terms & Conditions rigidly asserts that we do not permit using our licensed trademark, design right, or copyright owned or controlled by www.kitchenpickes.com. We solely hold right for the site features effectively. We do not approve to produce copies from these, and we do not support sharing it with any third parties for personal or market advantage. Consequences will be there if such activities are found.

All complaints and disputes will be settled accurately. Most of the problems happen due to lack of transparency in communication, or any unwelcome activity from buyer or retailer (that rarely befalls). The complaints are supposed to be resolved from a valid authority belonging to jurisdiction that belongs to the country where the company's headquarters are there, that is Hong Kong. The final interpretation has to be accepted by the involved parties irrespective of whoever it may favour.

kitchenpickes.com makes sure that masters serve at our organisation to furnish the website perfectly. Still, mistakes might happen. Errors like product specification, texts, graphics, image display, etc. could happen, yet occasionally. We eliminate mistakes and update the site as early as we see any issue. We welcome suggestions from viewers and customers to make the site more accurate.

kitchenpickes.com has the power to remove an account without any preceding notice. This is established to ensure safety and security to all the data we have. If we suspect any user for breaching the guidelines and/or using resources of kitchenpickes.com. We limit visitors/customers who are once found for their unlawful actions forever. Those users who have transgressed our rules and have also purchased are not allowed to go ahead or buy our goods anymore; all incomplete purchases will be rejected.

kitchenpickes.com receives reviews, comments and testimonials on the site and third-party sites. Sometimes we receive positive personal experiences and sometimes negative personal opinions and also false comments at times. We consider all these as an individual's opinion. But we have the right to edit or delete the comments on our site which are baseless.

kitchenpickes.com sends emails to its account owners and customers who are vested to get special deals, offers, and newsletters. Customers who no longer yearn to get any updates from us may unsubscribe our emails.

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